Motherwell Automation Designed ROSS (Remote Operating Sensor System) Handover

Motherwell Automation was approached by Arc Infrastructure to scope and design a complete mobile standalone system for remote locations that could power and monitor multiple sensors and send their data back to base instantly or as needed. In this instance Flood detection with culvert water level, temperature and rainfall levels, together with live video footage and be solar powered and be able to handle rough terrain in a drive out and drop, Flora and Fauna environment considerate format. This week, the hand over of the Motherwell Automation designed ROSS (Remote Operating Sensor System) was completed and ready to go to work to assist ARC Infrastructure in helping to keep Western Australia’s expansive and unique rail system safe.
The ROSS system is a multi-use design and can be used for many various types of data monitoring some of which include rainfall, levels (tanks, culverts, cattle water & feed troughs, fuel tanks), bore monitoring & control, flow meters, temperature, humidity, lighting tower sensing and remote vision, which can be interconnected to each other via long distance radio or back to base by NextG/5G or Satellite inc’ Starlink ®.
Pictured is Jason Godfrey Continuous Improvement Specialist at Arc Infrastructure and Gavin Brown Commercial Manager at Motherwell Automation
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