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Manage your industrial time series and A&E data with scalable historian software.

Proficy Historian is best-in-class historian software that collects industrial operations time-series and A&E data at very high speed, stores it efficiently and securely in the cloud or on-prem, distributes it, and allows for fast retrieval and analysis —driving greater business value. With decades of experience and thousands of successful customer installations around the world, Proficy Historian changes the way companies perform and compete by making data available for asset and process performance analysis.

The most recent Proficy Historian enhances usability, configurability and maintainability with significant architectural improvements. Take advantage of the solution’s simple yet powerful features to unlock new value from your equipment, process data, and business models.

Benefits of Proficy Historian :

peed time-to-value: Achieve fast time-to-value with simple installation and easy-to-use web clients with integrated tag searching and drag-and-drop features. Powerful Excel integration simplifies data access and analysis and enables Historian system management using common spreadsheet tools.

Drive greater business value: Support high availability with data redundancy, and leverage continuous and highly scalable data read-and-write functionality.

Reduce time and costs: Decrease the costs to both store and access data with highly efficient compression algorithms, nearly zero database admin time, and tools to optimize performance.

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